Fizzy Wizzy Woo Review

For a sugar fiend like myself, there comes a point where the average, plain chocolate bar will no longer cut it. Instead I need something which offers excitement, tingles the taste buds and will take me back to a happy childhood place. Therefore, I decided to visit Fizzy Wizzy Woo on Fore Street, in Exeter, to see if they could satisfy my sugar needs.

Fizzy Wizzy Woo was, according to its website established in October 2011 and aims to: “provide Exeter with a sensory overload of yummy smells, visual delights and delicious tasting goodies.”  As well as stocking British classics such as Toasted Teacakes and Sherbert DipDabs, they also stock sugar free and gelatine free sweets, and also have an international sweet section. I am now in the good books with an Australian friend, as I have now found her somewhere to satisfy her hankering for TimTams! Personally, I prefer the good old British Penguin.

Even better news is that you can now purchase these desirable treats, without even needing to leave the comfort of your own home, as they are all available to buy online!

Moreover, once you start walking down Fore Street, you can immediately spot Fizzy due to its bright pink signage which is a welcome contrast to the dark grey skies the South West have been experiencing lately. If the signage doesn’t attract you, then the shop window definitely will. There were dazzling colours, marshmallow trees and fan spreads of different bars of confectionary, which look like hands that are trying to wave you into the shop; so obligingly I entered.

As soon as I entered, my eyes had turned to flying saucers due to the amount of stock and sweet jars present in my visual periphery. From Apple Drops to Zappers, there was a myriad of choice. However, there was only one sweet I was after, which featured and then disappeared from my childhood sweet selection- the Kola Cube. After browsing the different shelves and being tempted by every other candy I could not spot my desired Kola Cubes.

Thankfully, I heard the words: ‘Can I help you?’ I turned to Lisa; the shop owner, eyes full of desperation, as my inner child prayed to the Sweet God that these gems of sugar heaven would be here. And it seemed my prayers had been answered, as Lisa quickly found the product, weighed it to the amount I specified and packaged the goodies in a striped paper bag, which completed the feel of being served in a traditional sweet shop.

I would recommend a trip to this retro sweet shop, as I experienced an efficient and friendly service, and it is clear that Fizzy Wizzy Woo know there Jelly Beans from their Fruit Salad. More importantly I got my sugar fix with no pain at all, although a trip to the dentist may change that!

Fizzy Wizzy Woo  Kola Cubes

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