Summer Clothes Swap Soiree for SAFE Exeter

Here is another article I wrote for The Exeter Daily, it was a great event and also helped raise awareness for the charity SAFE and the important work they do to stop domestic violence and abuse.


On a rather dismal Friday afternoon in the city, there was a little ray of light which stopped the ladies of Exeter becoming too down-hearted at the lack of summer sunshine. Tucked away in a corner of the Exeter Phoenix was the Clothes Swap Soiree, which was an event where local ladies could exchange their unwanted clothes for some new ones without any hefty price tags to do so, and in the process you would be contributing towards the charity SAFE, who are working towards stopping domestic violence and abuse.

After completing a quick spring-clean of my wardrobe I was ready to head to the event, armed with my own bag of clothes I wanted to exchange. I was rather excited to see what I could swap the pieces for. The concept of the clothes swap was easy to understand. First a cover charge of £5 was required and after that you were able to swap one item for every item that you had brought to the event. However, what was even better about this soiree is that even if you wanted to take more clothes than you had to swap, you had the option to do so, as long as you gave a donation to SAFE.

There was a huge array of clothes and accessories available for women to swap, which meant that whatever your style, shape or size there would be at least one item you would be able to swap with. The clothes were all easily accessible and were neatly folded on tables or hung up on hangers making it easy for you to spot those fashionable finds, which is a credit to the organisers whose hard work of setting up the event clearly paid off. Those who were running the event were always at hand to answer any queries and helping others to find new outfits among the racks of donated garments, ensuring that every woman that came were satisfied with their swap. I also left feeling very happy about the attire I had managed to acquire that evening and I am sure I and the other ladies who swapped will be looking forward to wearing their new outfits around the streets of Exeter!

Raising over £200 for SAFE, not only did the Clothes Swap Soiree give the women of Exeter new wardrobes but also gave something to a very worthwhile cause. After the success of the first evening it is hoped that more of these swapping events will take place in the future.

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