£25,000 for a house with a sea view – too good to be true?

Although I was primarily working for The Exeter Daily, I was also given the opportunity to publish on the Plymouth Daily and this was one of the news stories I published on the site.

Cliff House

A house with enviable views across the English Riviera is up for grabs at the outstandingly low price of £25,000. However, there is a catch, the land behind the house known as Tor Cottage has slowly been eroding over the past couple of years meaning it is just 150 yards from falling into the sea.

It has been marketed in a brochure as: “an interesting opportunity to acquire a superb four bedroomed detached fully refurbished house with balcony, enjoying fine sea views in a cliff-top cul-de-sac position.”

A house next door, known as Ridgemont House has already partially collapsed into the sea and has been condemned following two massive landslips in a year, which has prompted the owners of Tor Cottage to sell the house.

The home had been on the market in 2011 for £365,000 meaning that the cottage has lost over 90% of its value in 2 years. It seems that fate will be the guiding factor as to whether the house and the cliff it is on will remain as they are to make this a worthwhile investment, otherwise it might also be wise to invest in a boat and a life jacket!

The house will go up for auction next month.

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