Blog Update- The Exeter Daily, Twitter and Vintage Modelling!

Cartoon of me!

It has been a few weeks again since I have last posted but fear not, I have continued with my writing! In fact over the past few weeks I have been so busy writing that I haven’t been able to keep up and post the articles I have written!

At the end of June, I was asked by The Exeter Daily whether I would like to undertake some work experience in their offices, at which I jumped at the chance. As most young people are aware work experience opportunities, in an area they wish to pursue, can be like gold dust.

I had a fantastic time in the office and learnt a lot over the week I was with them and how the concept of ‘citizen journalism’ is increasing. The Editor ensured I was involved right in the action of what the Exeter Daily and the Plymouth Daily do and I wrote articles for each publication ranging from a review on a Vintage Fair I had attended to re-wording a press release about a product released by an ex-candidate of ‘The Apprentice’. In the middle of the week I was also given the responsibility of being in charge of their Twitter accounts during ‘Devon Hour’ which is an hour of interacting with businesses and individuals on Twitter in order to boost the profile of your business. It was a fast paced hour with tweets being fired in all different directions but it was lots of fun! My time at the office went quickly but it confirmed that I wanted to continue to pursue a career in journalism.

I am still writing articles for The Exeter and Plymouth Daily so I am pleased that I get to continue to have an outlet to publish some of my work along with the other publications I write for.

I have come to realise that Twitter is a powerful tool, in relation to media or just generally interesting opportunities, not only has it lead to me getting work experience but it also gave me the opportunity to do some vintage modelling recently as well!

Right, I will stop blathering on and will start posting some of the articles I have written on the blog!

Stephanie x

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