Blog Update – Australia, Blogging and Sideonetrackone

Again it has come to the point where I look at my blog and realise that I should be updating and writing more than I should be! After giving myself a quick slap on the wrist for such shocking behaviour, I will assure you that I will keep it more up to date in future!!

However, I have been putting the fingers to the keyboard elsewhere, in the form of updating my other blog which is a travel blog, as I am about to embark on a working holiday in Australia for a few months. So if you would like to know what I am up to during my travels you can read about them here at: I also intend to keep writing about interesting people and events in relation to arts and culture on this blog but obviously it will be more Australian focused this time rather than Devon focused!

Although, if you are in Devon and want me to write about a piece related to arts and culture then feel free to get in touch whilst I am in Aus, although obviously I will be unable to do any reviews for shows in Devon!!

I have also recently done a few joint interviews with Rob the editor of sideonetrackone, with bands such as Crazy Arm and PJP, which can be viewed at: I have also done an interview, which has yet to be released due to something rather special being planned by sideonetrackone so keep your eyes peeled to find out what it is…

Blog soon,
Stephanie xx

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