An adventurous Advent….

We are now just literally days away until the countdown officially begins for Christmas! Despite hearing Christmas songs already on the radio and knowing that some people have already completed their Christmas shopping (one person I know completed their’s in October!!!), I like to remain fairly traditional and stay cool, calm and collected until the 1st of December arrives marking the start of the countdown. After the 1st I begin to get excited and start playing some Christmas classics – Cliff Richard’s ‘Mistletoe and Wine’ is an absolute favourite! And also begin the task of buying and wrapping presents for those nearest and dearest whilst wearing my best Christmas jumper.


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Like many people I mark the countdown to Christmas with an advent calendar, nine times out of ten it is a chocolate one although I am quite fond of the ones which just reveal a picture as well (they are also much better for my waistline!).

However, this year I have decided to do something rather different in the countdown to Christmas and do a poetry advent calendar. This involves me writing or sharing some festive verses each day from the 1st December to the 24th December 2019. I will be sharing these verses on my Instagram account (@s.crossauthor) and am feeling quite excited about it all! This is the first time I have done something like this so I am hoping it will go well and people find it enjoyable to follow and countdown Christmas in a slightly different way to the standard cardboard advent calendars. I intend to keep the content interesting by using different poetry forms such as haiku and concrete poetry to maintain some festive fun throughout the 24 days and may even read a few aloud on my instagram account as well, so please follow along and also let me know what Christmas poems you enjoy reading over this festive period.

Blog soon

Stephanie x

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