Twice as nice! The release of ‘When Love Meets Lies’

After a few delays and a worldwide pandemic I can now officially say that book two in the series of ‘When Love Meets…’ is available to buy online! It has been a real labour of love and I still cannot believe that I have written a second book. To have the paperback in my hands and available to the public feels incredible.

When I wrote the first book in this series no one had any idea except my parents and my husband, that I was writing something in the hope of publishing it, and in a way it gave me the freedom to just experiment with ideas and not have to worry about deadlines and people’s expectations. However, when it came to book two the pressure was on.

After promoting the first book in both the U.K. and New Zealand, most of the discussions I had with people revolved around the question ‘So when is book two out?’ I often kept promising people that it would be out soon, the first draft is done so it should only be a few months away etc. In my head I was hoping to have the next one out a year after the first one was published but the reality of life and pursuing other writing interests just got in the way. Despite this the seeds of the next chapter of Ruby and Ryan’s adventure were planted and little by little I kept beavering away and after three years I am now here posting this blog and looking admiringly at my second creation (A shout out to Jessica Bell who designed yet another awesome cover!)

I really hope it is worth the wait for my readers and that it catches the interest of some new readers along the way too! Even though it took a while to get out there I had so much fun developing the characters and writing the next stage of their lives.

So…what’s book two about and where can I buy it I hear you cry! Well my fantastic readers I can tell you that the book continues to follow Ruby and Ryan as they begin to work out who they really are and what they really want from life and love. Both have swapped the golden sands and crystal waters of Australia for the enchanting and fun U.K. Will they find themselves or each other and are things as they really seem? There is only one way to find out…. 😉

‘When Love Meets Lies’ available to buy here.

Blog soon and happy reading!

Stephanie X

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